Local: Indiana’s liquor stores offer the best of Hoosier brands.

Today’s liquor store stock is Local, Artisan, In-Demand and Noteworthy. From craft beer to artisan spirits, you’ll find Hoosier-made products on our store shelves – at stores owned by Indiana residents.

Ownership: Best offerings from multi-generational businesses with Hoosier roots.

Today’s liquor store owner is: Prepared, Responsible, Well Stocked and Knowledgeable. Indiana’s liquor store owners represent decades of family ownership – competing, surviving and thriving in the Hoosier marketplace.

Community: Retail relationships that matter and work for local nonprofits.

Big Red Liquors has been committed to The Boys & Girls Club of Bloomington for more than two decades. The long-term relationship is significant to the children served and the volunteers who make it happen one night each year.

Diversity: Top pairings for your locally grown and locally produced meals.

Today’s liquor store is: Convenient, Regulated, Inviting and Unique. Step into restored historical buildings and other welcoming spaces for tastings, special events and charity connections for community causes.

Choice: Best selections of craft beer, artisan spirits and international liquors.

Today’s liquor store customer is: Selective, Hyper Local, Inquisitive and Loyal. Find what the palate seeks at hundreds of Indiana locations – with diverse tequilas, craft brews steeped in whiskey barrels or imported l’eau de vie.

Advocacy: Improving the industry in the public policy arena.

Today’s liquor story industry is: Prepared, Responsive, Engaged and Involved. Through national, state and local advocacy, package store leaders are involved in policy arenas with advocacy partners on all issues affecting regulated businesses.

Responsible Retailing

Responsible retailers are committed and involved in their communities. Our association is represented on community advocacy boards, works with local and elected officials and educates the public and our customers about initiatives, such as Indiana's Lifeline Law.

Get to Know Us

To help you learn more about Indiana's package liquor store industry and the issues where we focus, we've prepared this list of Frequently Asked Questions. We also invite you to review this glossary of industry terms and to contact us with your questions.